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Since 1985, Charron’s Auto Service in Lincoln, IL has been the leading source for quality auto repair and replacement services for vehicles of every make and model. With ASE-certified technicians, we can guarantee that your vehicle will leave our shop running like new, regardless of the repairs needed! Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for dealerships to examine your vehicle without the promise of the parts needed to repair it, our local auto repair shop can quickly and efficiently inspect, diagnose, and repair your vehicle in the fastest time possible. We work with NAPA Auto Parts to get the best products on the market so that your vehicle runs safely on the road. View our services below and call to schedule an inspection today.

Close up car disk brake pad replacement service with hand of mechanic

Brake Repair

You don’t need to be an expert to know how important your braking system is to your vehicle. Without working brakes, your car is a hazard to not only you, but everyone else on the road. One of the easiest ways to tell if you need new brakes is by checking for a loud screeching noise coming from your tires while stopping at a light or stop sign. This is an indication that your brake pads have been worn down to the rotors and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Your local auto technicians at Charron’s Auto Repair in Lincoln, IL specialize in brake repair services to all vehicle makes and models to ensure that your car is safe and running properly to support your daily lifestyle. Bring your car in to have your brakes checked and replaced today!

Belt & Hose Replacement

There are a variety of belts and hoses in your vehicle that make it possible to function for years and even a few miles at a time. Whether you’re experiencing a leak from your air conditioning system or one of your hoses responsible for cooling the engine has a crack in it, your local auto repair technicians at Charron’s Auto Repair in Lincoln, IL is here to help. We believe that your belts and hoses are the arteries of your car, and without them, the entire vehicle would fail. If your engine has been sounding extra loud lately, or your vehicle stalls when you stop at a light, bring your car into our shop and we will inspect your belts and hoses to avoid further damage to your car. Our belt and hose replacement services are performed by certified technicians – schedule an appointment with us today!

hand checking belt in car under hood
Hand of young mechanic with Gauges Set, Check the pressure and leak

Air Conditioning Repair

Keeping your car’s air conditioning unit in good condition is not only important for keeping your vehicle comfortable in the summer heat, but it ensures that your ventilation system is functioning properly. If you notice that your car is producing heat when it’s meant to be air, this could mean that there is an issue that requires professional eyes to identify the cause. At Charron’s Auto Repair in Lincoln, IL, our technicians have decades of experience inspecting, repairing, and replacing air conditioning units in vehicles of all kinds. Don’t wait until your A/C system is damaged completely, bring your car into our shop today for quality air conditioning repair services at an affordable price.

Charging System Repairs (Alternators/Starters)

Your charging systems, otherwise known as your alternator and starter, are two of the most important components of your vehicle. If the alternator fails, it cannot transfer energy to the engine or charge your car’s battery, if the starter has failed, your car simply won’t start, leaving you stranded. At Charron’s Auto Repair in Lincoln, IL, we know the signs of a failing charging system and can repair or replace your alternator or starter to keep you safe on the road. Our technicians will inspect your charging systems to determine which part needs repairing and perform the necessary repairs to restore your vehicle.

Close-up of an auto mechanic in a service center checking battery
Close up of car exhaust system pipe at the garage, automotive car service

Exhaust Systems

Your exhaust system is responsible for preventing toxic fumes from your exhaust from entering your vehicle. Not only this, but it helps keep your engine running properly and affects your fuel efficiency and gas emissions. Thankfully, our expert ASE-certified technicians at Charron’s Auto Repair in Lincoln, IL are here to make sure that your exhaust system is in perfect condition while on the road. If you notice any loud noises coming from your exhaust or vibrating while driving, be sure to take your car into our shop today! We offer the best prices and customer service in the area.

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